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63% of veterinary hospitals have an online pharmacy, yet only 16% of pet owners say their practice has one. Learn More

“I think it’s a great concept and can be a tremendous value for practitioners. As veterinarians, we are often nearsighted, believing and acting on things that we’ve always thought to be true. Reading Diggo is like putting on a new pair of glasses and seeing things in a whole different perspective. I like that you also simplify the Actions to make it easy for practitioners to implement the concepts.”

2019 Fall Brief Preview

Balancing Act: Strike the Right Balance to Attract More Pet Owners

Today’s veterinary practices must offer a delicate blend of services, products and recommendations. Find out what pet owners really want from you.

Home Hospice Care

59% of pet owners expect their veterinary clinic to provide in-home hospice care.

What other services do pet owners want?

Online Pharmacy

63% of veterinarians have an online pharmacy, but only 16% of pet owners know about it.

How can you better utilize yours?


26% of Millennial pet owners have asked for an opinion on a product or service and not been given an answer.

Should you recommend products you don’t sell?

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